Saturday, 6 August 2016

Travelling Sketchbooks - A Poem for your Pocket

So this month I got my inspiration from a feature in my very favourite magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors, an American publication I have subscribed to for a couple of years.  Why I love the magazine is because it is full of inspirational mixed-media projects such as felting, collage, journalling, paper-making, embroidery, painting, jewellery making, book art and really just about anything creative using cloth, paper and scissors.


Being an American publication of course, all the specialist branded products for the projects are  American but I don't find this a problem as most of them can be found in the UK anyway at all good art supply shops or on the internet such as Art Van Go  (who are always at The Festival of Quilts and which just happens to be on at the NEC this coming week - an ideal excuse then for a rummage and to stock up on textile related art supplies). Any product that can't be sourced you will find that there is usually a British alternative and you might also just need to get used to different terminology for things  such as for example wadding is known as batting but you soon get used to it. This project was about creating poetic ruffles using recycled fabrics so I used DH's cast-off shirts to create another shirt pocket and if you look inside the pocket there is a hidden poem I have embroidered.

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