Wednesday, 21 September 2016

French Vintage

So I thought I would show you some of my purchases from a great stand I found at the Festival of Quilts called Simply Vintage.  They source most of their products from antique and flea markets in France so I was really excited to come across two original wooden stamp blocks, one of which by sheer coincidence is my initial J for Jacqueline.  When I got home I printed it into my sketchbook  using acrylic paint but I aim to print it onto plain white fabric to embroider.  

It's in reverse of course so it stamps the correct way.

This is the other one which prints like this...

...and also makes great rubbings using a graphite pencil. 

From the same stand I also bought this beautiful lino-cut print which had been printed onto French vintage linen which I intend to quilt and hand stitch to make a small picture I can frame.  

On the stand was a fantastic assortment of vintage French magazines which were selling like hotcakes. I chose a lovely one which I stupidly put down while looking at some other things and then found it in the hands of someone else.  Anyway I bought this one in the end which had the most amazing fashion illustrations. 

I love the exaggerated stylish fashion drawings which are just crying out to be replicated in stitch and put me in mind of the stitched drawing I did of a vintage pattern envelope dating back to the 70s and which is also the cover of this blog. 

I did spend a huge amount of time at just this one stand so had to drag myself away in order to make sure I had time to look round the rest of the show.  Plenty of grist to the mill then for future projects. 

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