Tuesday, 17 January 2017

1 Year of Stitches - First Week

Well I thought as much. Hand embroidery is definitely not my strong point and I have ended up unpicking quite a lot of my first attempts. Getting into it a bit more now though and going for more of an organic doodle which am hoping will evolve over the coming weeks.

Stitches I have used so far are herringbone, split stitch and seed stitch which I realise is fast becoming my favourite simply because it is so easy. Tried doing a bit of a swirl with the split stitch and then infilled using seed stitch in a contrasting variegated blue thread.  I must stick at it though and what I am hoping will help me to improve is a great website I have discovered called sharon b's Pin Tangle, which focuses on contemporary hand embroidery and crazy quilting. On this site there is an amazing stitch dictionary of hand embroidery stitches with illustrated step by step tutorials. Way to go!!                          

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