Tuesday, 10 January 2017

1 Year of Stitches

Nothing like the start of a new year to kick start new ideas and projects that have been spinning round in my head into action. Trouble is I have also got lots of PhDs (Projects Half Done) that have been hanging around for far too long, piling up in the corner of my sewing den taking up valuable space. That coupled with the fact that my Other Half has invaded my girl space with his desk and PC resulting in me having to do a major sort out and de-clutter before I can even think about starting a new project. I am taking the 'does it spark joy?' approach to getting rid of the great unwanted which is quite liberating in a scary sort of way.  I have made Other Half aware of this philosophy in order he should  avoid getting in my way when he is sat at his desk lest I end up chucking him out with everything else if he doesn't spark joy in me. 

So all this brings me to 1 Year of Stitches which is a new project I am embarking on and which has got me really excited. The brainchild of Hannah Claire Somerville it is really more of a challenge than a project where the idea is to make at least one stitch every day for 365 days. The stitches will be on a piece of fabric stretched in an embroidery hoop and over the course of a year the hoop will fill up with lots of pattern, colour and stitches like the examples above. You can read more about it on Sara Barnes' blog Brown Paper Bag but basically here are the rules:

1. Make at least one stitch every day.  If for some reason you can't do this, it's OK but at least take a picture that day. 
2. Take a picture that shows your project.
3. Date your picture and write a sentence (or a few words) about the embroidery or your day.
4. Share online through social media or a blog - On Facebook and on Instagram post using #1yearofstitches and @1yearofstitches.  

Hannah has described the project as one of mindfulness and a personal map making exercise. For me I think it will be a great way of practicing my hand embroidery which I'm not that brilliant at while at the same time hopefully giving me the chance to spend a few contemplative moments in thought. I find that stitching like knitting can be a great way of occupying idle hands and getting the thought processes going or just escaping from everyday stress.  The other great thing of course about this project is that it takes up very little space and is extremely portable so I can keep it by me on the sofa to add a few stitches of an evening when watching TV, take it on holiday or stitch during my lunch break at work.   

Here are my first basic stitches. Not very inspiring I must admit but small steps to what will hopefully become a rich and colourful tapestry of stitches. Well that's the plan anyway. I may even take it to the pub and stitch whilst  having a pint.  Now there's a pleasant contemplative thought! 

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