Thursday, 5 January 2017

Goodbye to Christmas and A Christmas Rag Rug Wreath

I think once Christmas and New Year is out of the way I don't know of anyone who still likes to have their Christmas decorations lingering around the house. Once the last cracker has been pulled and the final bottle of prosecco drank on New Year's Eve, the last thing you want to see when you do finally surface on New Year's Day with a humdinger of a hangover are the Christmas Decorations. I know a lot of people don't wait for Twelfth Night or even New Year but whip them away as soon as the turkey curry has been served. We have two crates that we keep in the garage for Christmas decorations and every year have the usual Krypton Factor puzzle trying to fit them all back in those crates from whence they came and still get the lids shut.

So conversely what was I doing last night instead of taking all the decorations down and starting to pack them away?  I was up to the early hours making a Christmas wreath of course.  Back in October I attended a really great workshop given by local artist Bridget West on rag rugging and bought a kit (as you do) to make my own rag rug Christmas wreath. What a good idea I thought. I will have stacks of time to finish that in time for Christmas.  Well I did start it way back in November but it became another of my PhDs and remained unfinished all through Christmas. So I thought there is no way I am putting that away unfinished, plus I would only have to finish it next year when all the decorations come out again. Last thing I would want! So I stayed up late and caught up with 2 and a half omnibuses of The Archers while busy rugging. Above is the finished article, put up for just enough time to take a photo and now carefully crated away back in the garage ready for Christmas 2017. 

Footnote: One of the main Christmas decorations that starts looking a bit worse for wear very soon into the festive season, even before the turkey's out of the oven is the Christmas tree. Understandable though as in most cases it stands in a hot heated room usually next to a radiator and almost certainly without water. No wonder it has a tantrum and drops all its needles. The Christmas tree though in my book is the Headliner of Christmas decorations. Don't concentrate too much with festooning the house with too many support band decorations such as garlands, tinsel, flashing Santas, sagging Santa bottoms stuck out of chimneys and windows.  Less is more and we  always have a real one so this year plumped for a Scots Pine and I have to say and this is no exaggeration, it looked as good and fresh today as it had done when we first bought it five weeks ago. The only few needles that had dropped off it were from when my daughter first put the lights and baubles on it.  So Scots Pine again for us next year. We felt almost sad to see it go.

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