Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Clear Desk Policy

There is a saying that creative minds are rarely tidy. I agree with that to a certain extent and it would be great to have a large studio space where you can really let go and be as untidy as you want without always having to clear up after but when you are restricted to a small work area then I am afraid for me tidying is obligatory. I am by nature a tidy person (much to husband's annoyance) otherwise I feel suffocated by clutter which stops the creative juices flowing. Trouble is then once I have spent time tidying I have ran out of time to be creative. Anyhow I had been on the lookout for a perfect desk tidy to contain all my pens, pencils and general desk detritus and found it in a great antique shop Bishopgate Antiques in Bishy Road on a recent trip to York to visit my daughter at university there.

To be honest I seem to always be in tidy-up mode when in my sewing den, because although when I am not actually creating I still think I am doing something worthwhile. This has been a necessity in recent months as I had to somewhat reluctantly relinquish a quarter of my space to my other half who has invaded with his work desk so a big sort out was in order.  I find de-cluttering very liberating as it's freeing up space plus I always feel quite virtuous when taking my 'unwanteds' to the charity shop and hoying a few bits and pieces in the recycling. 

All the sorting meant I finally got to chop up all my felted jumpers (felted on purpose you understand, not because I  had the washing machine too hot) into neatly stacked and tied bundles ready to sew them into a throw. 

Why settle for one iron when you can have two.

Ikea solutions! And you can't beat a bit of Billy for books.

More Ikea storage for my Embroidery and Quilting Arts magazines and I knew those vintage bobbins would come in handy. 

My precious Rowan knitting magazine collection going right back to Issue 1. What I would save in a fire (as well as sewing machine and Mulberry Bag of course).  So enough sorted and thrown out for a while. Let the creative juices flow! 


  1. I'm mightily impressed with your tidying and agree with you about spending a lot of time on doing it.
    I can't start a new project without clearing my workspace first. I've just been looking at my shelves and thinking it needs another good decluttering session. I must put it on the to do list (that never gets done)
    Lynn x

  2. Yes I do get a lot of pleasure out of having a good sort out but it's procrastination of the finest order. x