Friday, 15 September 2017

Beer & Books

Anyone that knows me well will know that as well as a passion for stitch I have a certain penchant for beer and books.  Not necessarily in that order but life doesn't get much better than when able to combine the two at the same time. I belong to two book groups and have been a member of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) for over 25 years. So while holidaying in Falmouth last week with my husband (also well into beer and books but unsurprisingly not so much stitch) you can imagine our surprise and sheer delight to discover a pub that not only serves the best beer in Falmouth nay Cornwall but is also a bookshop to boot. 

Beerwolf Books lies just off the main street in Falmouth almost hidden up an alleyway. We got that quickly sussed though and knew we always had to turn right at the Pandora shop. So most days after a long hard trek along the South West Coast Path, or dodging one of the many showers (who was it that said it was always good weather in September?) we would seek refuge there for our treat of a foaming pint of 80 Shilling from local brewery Rebel, or one of the many other cask ales, and hunker down in one of the cosy alcoves with a book of our own or peruse one of the many titles on sale. 


There is a great buzz about the place as Beerwolf's clientele is an eclectic mix of students from local Falmouth University studiously sat at tables poring over their laptops with a coffee or a pint or both in some instances, regulars, and tourists who per chance pop in for a quick pint only to discover the bookshop oasis at the top of the wooden staircase and end up staying all afternoon or evening.  There is an eclectic mix of seating to match including old cinema stall seats, church pews, battered sofas and old barber shop chairs.

On top of all that customers are encouraged to bring their own food so on entering we would often be greeted with delicious smells of Indian spices or freshly fried cod and chips blended with the heady aroma of hops.  Indeed once ensconced here with our beer and books we found it mighty difficult to pull ourselves away so we eschewed the numerous restaurants around in preference to a mercy dash down to the high street to bring back fish and chips two nights in a row.  And very delicious they were too.  

With on average 29 pubs a week being lost across the UK and the sad demise of many independent high street bookshops as buying habits change, could this formula be their salvation?  Why aren't there more pubs and book shops like this on our high street?  What a great combo and what's not to like?  A better take surely than the ubiquitous Costas that you seem to stumble across in Waterstones.  

So not to forget my other habit of stitching I came across this beauty of a book in one of my many book browsings in Beerwolf.  The Gentle Art of Stitching by Jane Brocket with over 40 sewing projects for the home.  I like the idea of creating a quilt from vintage tray and tablecloths of which I have many and fancy having a go at creating a Suffolk puff patchwork.  Plenty then to keep me occupied well into Autumn.  A bargain too at £8.00 instead of £20.00.  Falmouth and Beerwolf we miss you!

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