Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Snuggly Jumper for a Snowy Day

Thought it was about time I posted as it was early Autumn last time and here we are in the depths of winter and a big fall of snow here in Brum. When it's cold and snowy it makes me want to wrap myself up in big soft slouchy jumpers that wrap me up in a layer of cosiness against the cold. I knit a lot of my own jumpers but this one is a beaut knitted over a couple of decades ago by my mum.

It has what is called a bagel collar, a kind of semi rolled neck which does actually resemble a bagel,  and is super chunky chunky.  A big pins job! It is very big and slouchy, so big that I was able to wear it when I was very pregnant with my daughter who was a winter baby so lots of chances to wear big and slouchy. Funny thing is I went off it after my daughter was born as I still felt huge in it. Glad I hung on to it though.   Today I wore it to shift a huge delivery of logs that had been dumped outside our house half on the road, half on the pavement, but with a lot of help from my neighbours and a wheelbarrow we made light work of it. 

I love snow and I do feel disapppointed that the UK does not get as much snow as I remember back when I was a child.  Those were the days when schools stayed open unless they had a burst pipe. I remember clearly having to trudge through the snow to school and hating how the snow crept over the top of my wellies drenching my socks but oh how we loved building snowmen in the playground and making lethal slides like sheets of glass. I think these days school kids aren't allowed out to play in the playground when it has been snowing - health & safety and all that malarkey!

This is our back garden looking very picturesque and Christmassy. I think it will all be gone by tomorrow evening as rain is forecast. Shame as it was such fun at the weekend with neighbours dragging their children behind them on sledges on their way to the park. 

A long time fan of cookery writer Nigel Slater, I am reading his book 'The Christmas Chronicles', a book he has written not only of comforting fireside suppers and essential preparations for Christmas and the New Year but stories of his love of winter.......

"I love the crackle of winter.  The snap of dry twigs underfoot, boots crunching on frozen grass, a fire spitting in the hearth....... voluminous jumpers and woolly hats, the steam rising from soup served in a deep bowl, the light from a single candle and the much-loved scarf that would feel like a burden at any other time of year. "  

                             Nigel Slater "The Christmas Chronicles", 4th Estate, Harper Collins 2017

A man after after my own heart. Here's to mulled wine, dark chocolate spice cake, spiced lentil soup and pot roast partridge with parsnips. Yum!        


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