Thursday, 21 December 2017

Secret Santa Patchwork Purse

Every year at Ikon Gallery where I work we do Secret Santa.  The rules are spend no more than £5 and buy from a charity shop or make your own which is what most of us at Ikon prefer to do as we are all a creative lot. I always choose to make my own so this year I made a patchwork purse.

For this year's inspiration I searched through my many sewing and textile books and came across this beautiful little neck purse in a vintage book called Patchwork published in 1980. I seem to remember the book was a cast off from my mother-in-law in one of her many 'let's get rid of everything useful' moods.  

The design I used is also featured on the front cover.


It's a gem of a book with a very 1980s feel about it. Very Laura Ashley with lots of spriggy fabrics, frills, flounces and quite a bit of twee, but also containing good practical 'how to' advice on patchwork and quilting and filled with many easy projects to do which was what I was looking for. 

I quite fancy making a few more as it was so easy to make. They would make ideal gifts for children and adults alike and the pattern can be adapted to make a make-up purse. A great stash busting exercise too as it was a chance to use some of my hand-dyed cotton. Nicely padded too with wadding and lining fabric, finished off with contrasting bias binding and a toggle button.  Have a great Christmas everyone and here's to many more stitching and crafting projects for the New Year. 


  1. Lovely! I have that book somewhere and it inspired me to make my daughter a pram sized quilt in 1984 which I still have awaiting grandchildren! Would add a photo but can't see how to!

  2. That would have been lovely to see Lynn. Yes I don't think you add a photo to the comment. So rewarding that you have still kept it.

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