Housewife - High Value - Low Cost

This is work produced during the the 2nd year of my Fine Art degree. I was exploring domesticity and how women can often feel they are disappearing beneath the burden of household chores often referred to as ‘women’s work’. 

I like the idea that my work conveys a message of conforming to a traditional feminine ideal of housewife and homemaker and of the pressures many women feel in trying to achieve and maintain the perfect work/life balance.

Much of my work is based on my own real life experiences at home and using a combination of vintage women’s magazines, antique embroideries and household linen I attempt to convey the frustrations and anxiety that myself and many women feel when trying to juggle a career and the daily routine of household chores and family life.   

“Our window on the world is looked through with our hands in the sink.”

                                                                                                  Ann Oakley

Housewife - High Value, Low Cost (2011) - Vintage tray-cloths, free-machine embroidery

Housewife - High Value, Low Cost (Detail)

Housewife - High Value, Low Cost (Detail)

Try to do Better  I  (2011) - Vintage fabrics & household linen, free-machine embroidery

Try to do Better (Detail)

Try to do Better II (2011) - Purloined Husband's Shirt, Free-Machine Embroidery, Mixed-Media

Try to do Better II  (Detail)

Am I Being Unreasonable (2011) - Vintage apron, free-machine embroidery

Lock & Locks are the Russian Dolls of the Tupperware World - Tea towel, free-machine embroidery


The Cycle of Life

This body of work also produced during the 2nd year of my degree is my response to the endless cycle of washing and laundry that seems such an intrinsic part of a woman's life but also a wry comment on the trials and tribulations of advancing middle age. 

The Cycle of Life (2011) - Quilted Pillowcase, and free machine embroidery

The Cycle of Life (detail)

The Old Washer Woman (2011) - sheet with free-machine embroidery

The Cycle of Life II (2011) - sheets with free-machine embroidery 

Laundry is my Nemesis (2011) - teatowel, free machine embroidery 

Birmingham Cityscape 

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