I first started keeping a proper sketchbook in my Foundation Year at college when I realised that a sketchbook means so much more than a pad to draw things in. A sketchbook is a place to record my inner most thoughts, feelings and observations of life.  There are no right or wrong answers in a sketchbook. It's a place where I can experiment, research and develop my ideas, concepts and techniques. My sketchbooks, I think are identifiably mine and unique to me.  They contain my creative responses to daily life, collage, galleries, exhibitions, artists and their artworks, or simply a line in a book, or a piece of music.  More recently I have learnt new techniques in journalling  through taking an online creative sketchbook course with DMTV (Design Matters TV) which has given me the confidence to experiment more with mixed-media and increased my creativity in using my sketchbook.  I also subscribe to Cloth, Paper, Scissors - an American bi-monthly magazine which has also introduced me to new techniques and fuels me with inspiration.  Here is just a sample of some of my favourite pages:

Autumn - Liquitex Acrylic Inks

'Gran ate some Pomegranates' - the greengrocer's spelling not mine - a combination of watercolour and a photograph
Anything is Possible- inspired by Lucy McLauchlan's Birds on the side of the Central Library, Birmingham - Pen & Watercolour
"You can never have too many cardigans".
(collage & pencil drawing) 

These were my responses to the  David Cox exhibition at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery in 2009
(pastel & watercolour)

My college visit to Florence in 2009
(collage & pen) 

Inspiration from a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
(collage & watercolour)

Here I combined a sketch of a dress by Erdem with my photograph of a fresco from the ceiling of the  Duomo in Florence

A series of collages as an homage to one of my favourite designers Vivienne Westwood


  1. Love your work. I agree; you can never have too many cardigans- my favourite garment...

  2. I have a lovely ceramic two piece brooch that say I Love Cardigans